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100% natural. zero plastic. zero landfill.

What is Uuvipak?

We are on a mission to eradicate plastic pollution!

We create 100% home-compostable products from food & drinks manufacturing byproducts.

Uuvipak naturally biodegrades within a few weeks - much like any kitchen waste! This makes Uuvipak the perfect plastic alternative for any packaging.

As we don't use any chemicals, our products don't leave any bad stuff in the environment when discarded, and all our products are edible!

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Made from organic waste

Our materials are made from 100% natural ingredients, upcycled from food production. By utilising waste products, we ensure that nothing goes to waste!

Water positive

The Uuvipak process generates water. We plan to use the water we produce in our plant, as well as resell it as potable water.

Home compostable

All our products are 100% home-compostable. We do not use any chemically modified sources, and only rely on materials that come from plants.

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