What's Different About Uuvipak?

What's Different About Uuvipak?

In the current global scenario, thousands of organisations and brands are making products to reduce the depletion of nature. While this could be great news, there are several loopholes through which the purpose of these efforts is seeping out and in fact, adding to global warming.

This is what we call “greenwashing” wherein a brand claims to be sustainable or eco-friendly but is actually the exact opposite. This is because the amount of natural resources employed in making these so-called ecological products is huge and takes a very long time to regrow which then has negative effects on the environment. For instance, bamboo-based cutlery and utensils. Indeed they are biodegradable, but they add to the problem of deforestation.

These harmful effects caused by greenwashing are an addition to the atrocious 300 million tons of plastic being produced globally every year!

Not only do we at Uuvipak recognise these global challenges, but have also made provisions to tackle them in a sustainable manner. Here are some of the unique features of Uuvipak products and what sets us apart in the ecological manufacturing arena.

We Upcycle Clean, Organic Food Waste

Globally estimated edible food waste amounts to a whopping 1.3 billion tons every year. Landfills, which harbour all this globally produced food waste, aggressively cause methane emissions. Methane emissions are the biggest contributor to global warming.

The only way to reduce this is to upcycle what is already being introduced into the environment. Uuvipak products are made by utilising clean, organic food waste. Our product manufacturing process generates zero methane emissions thus helping us move closer towards keeping the planet safe and clean.

Uuvipak products are edible and home-compostable

Yes, you read it right, Uuvipak products are edible! It’s a known fact that even a cup of coffee that you take away at a café, has thousands of micro-plastics you’re about to consume along with your steaming beverage. These cause severe health conditions like infertility and even cancer. Disturbing, right? That’s why you need Uuvipak in your life. You can literally eat the bowls, plates, cutlery and take-away containers made by us!

As mentioned earlier, Uuvipak products are made by upcycling clean, organic food waste which makes them edible and completely harmless for human consumption. Hence, hot or cold, you may rest assured about your next cuppa as long as it’s in an Uuvipak container!

Our products are also home-compostable as opposed to biodegradable. While the latter is also beneficial to the planet, it requires a special habitat and microbes to break down or degrade ecologically. These conditions are not easily available and are also expensive to create. On the other hand, Uuvipak products are made using organic materials that only need a compostable environment to break down into their natural elements. So, all you need to do is toss the Uuvipak container in your home composting unit after use, and let nature take its course!

Our ultimate goal at Uuvipak is to replace 2 billion single-use plastics by 2030. By employing these simple ecological techniques we aim to make a difference, one product at a time. Join us on our mission to make our only home a safer and healthier place!

Here is the key differentiator between Uuvipak and other alternatives:


Plastic alternatives

Bioplastic alternatives

1) Edible

2) Home compostable

3) Breaks Down in nature

4) Made from food waste

5) Circular economy

6) Reduce plastic pollution

7) Reduce food waste

8) Combat Climate change

9) Helps you become net zero

10) Deforestation

11) Impact on the environment




12) Zero Chemicals

14) Made in Australia

15) Australian owned

16) Zero microplastics

17) Home-composting duration 2-3 weeks
3-6 months


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