Meet the team

We are Shafali Gupta and Andy Epifani. We co-founded Uuvipak, with the mission to eliminate single-use plastic pollution. We are passionate about designing a better world, and recently set on the mission to create a company to do just that.

During our search for a ride partner in 2021, we met each other through a mutual friend. Our goal is to solve many serious environmental problems at the same time, by making products from the most sustainable materials possible, organic food waste, and reduce the impact we have on our planet.

Currently, we manufacture edible plates, cutlery, and bowls made from organic food waste without using any artificial reagents.

A variety of industries, including food & products packaging, can use our materials to replace hard and soft plastics.

We are proud of our accomplishment: the only waste we generate in the process of making our products is water! We have plans to harvest the water and use it within our process as service water as well as introduce it to the market as potable water.

We are very excited to be developing sustainable technologies that will change the world!

Respect people and the planet

We welcome everyone's ideas and thoughts, and support them to the fullest, including listening to what our planet is telling us.

Make a positive impact

We are set to make a positive impact on the people and the planet. We only have one chance to get things right and keep everyone around us safe and healthy.

Create & innovate

We are curious and creative, we love to discover new things and innovate with any resources we have at hand.

Have fun

Being curious is all about having fun! There is no better way to discover new things and explore uncharted territories than enjoy what you do to the fullest.

Join our mission

And help us get rid of plastic!