How are Uuvipak products made?

Uuvipak products are made from upcycled clean food byproducts generated from manufacturing grain flour and processing juice.

Are the products edible?

Yes, our products are edible. Each Uuvipak product has about 8 servings. Do not an one entire product in one go!

Do the products contain gluten?

Yes, all our products contain traces of gluten at the moment. We are working on gluten-free versions of the products.

I am gluten allergic or intolerant, can I use Uuvipak products?

We do not recommend you use Uuvipak if you are allergic to gluten.

Can the cups hold hot water or coffee?

Yes, Uuvipak cups are designed to hold hot water for 12-14 hours. Enough time to finish your hot coffee or drink!

Where are Uuvipak products made?

Our products are made here in Brisbane, Australia.

We will be releasing a lot of details about our manufacturing facility, process and supply chain very soon on our socials and website!

Can I put Uuvipak products in the dishwasher?

Add AnNo, please don’t. Uuvipak products are designed to replace single- use plastics and will not survive a dishwasher cycle.

Can I reuse my Uuvipak product?

Yes and No. If you use your Uuvipak with dry foods, you can rinse any Uuvipak products quickly with water and dry them in the microwave for 2 min.

How do I clean Uuvipak products?

Ideally, you shouldn’t be cleaning Uuvipak single-time use products.

Check out this video for more information on what you can do after using Uuvipak.

How can I discard Uuvipak products?

After use, you can...

Eat some - about one eighth of the product in one go)

Feed it to your animals or pets in small quantities- chickens, cows, dogs and pigs will love it too!

Rinse them with water to get rid of leftover food, and leave them in your garden! They will disappear within a few weeks and make perfect fertiliser for your soil 

Put them in your home compost

Discard them in any garbage bin, they will biodegrade within a few weeksAdd Answer

What do the products taste like?

Uuvipak tastes like weetabix! Yum yum!

Are Uuvipak products oven and microwave safe?

Yes! They are oven and microwave safe. Check out our recipes video:



When will Uuvipak products begin to ship?

It will take us 6-8 months before we can start shipping our products.

If I want to offer Uuvipak products to my customers, can we discuss the option of bulk orders?

Please email hello@uuvipak.com and we will be in touch with you shortly!

How are Uuvipak products different from similar products on the market?

This is a great question. Uuvipak products are healthy for you because they do not contain microplastics. Other sustainable products, such as paper cups (even recycled paper cups!), come with plastic liners.

In addition to being unhealthy for us as plastic leaches into our food and we consume microplastics, they are non-recyclable and end up in landfills where it takes 20-40 years for them to decompose. Uuvipak products return to nature on their own within a month.

Sugarcane bagasse based products (generally labelled as compostable) need industrial compost facilities to biodegrade, which use very energy intensive processes.

For more information, check out our blog post about this.

What's great about Uuvipak products?

Uuvipak products are creating a circular economy, which means all our raw materials come from nature and our products go back to nature on their own without the need for expensive and energy intensive industrial compost facilities.

Can I discard Uuvipak products in the garden?

Rinse them with water to get rid of leftover food/drink and then leave it in your garden. They will disappear within a few weeks and make perfect fertiliser for your soil.

Do Uuvipak products contain chemicals?

Uuvipak products contain no chemicals.

Are Uuvipak products 100% organic?

Yes, all Uuvipak products are 100% organic.

Can I feed Uuvipak products to my pets?

Yes, you can feed a small portion to your pets - about 1/8th of any product. They are healthy for them as they’re rich in fibre!

What’s the shelf life of Uuvipak?

The current estimated shelf life of Uuvipak products is 1 year.

Is Uuvipak food safe?

Uuvipak products have been tested in the laboratory for food grown microbes and have been tested negative for 1 year.

Are Uuvipak microplastics free?

Yes! They are 100% microplastics free and 100% organic. In fact, they are healthy for you unlike any other alternatives in the market.

Are Uuvipak products home compostable?

Yes, Uuvipak products are home-compostable.

Is Uuvipak a sustainable company?

Yes, Uuvipak products are made from clean, organic food waste. Our product manufacturing process generates zero emissions thus helping us move closer towards keeping the planet safe and clean.

How will I make our planet greener by using Uuvipak products?

Uuvipak products are made using organic materials, it's made from natural materials and goes back to nature on its own without need of any industrial compost (unlike other sustainable products in the market). 

All you need to do is toss Uuvipak in your home composting unit after use, and let nature take its course!

How does Uuvipak offset carbon emission and global warming?

It is estimated that globally there is a whopping 1.3 billion tons of organic waste  every year! Landfills, which harbour all this globally produced food waste, aggressively cause methane emissions. Methane emissions are the biggest contributor to global warming.

The only way to reduce this is to upcycle what is already being introduced into the  environment. Uuvipak products are made by utilising clean, organic food waste. Our product manufacturing process generates zero methane emissions thus helping us move closer towards keeping the planet safe and clean.

What are the beautiful dark patterns and lines on the products?

Due to the organic raw materials used in Uuvipak's products, they have a stunning natural, earthy and a flowing, curving appearance.

Are Uuvipak products vegan?

Yes, they are 100% vegan!